About me

Paul Sutherland at E-ELT site

Visiting the clear skies of Chile.

Writing has been my life. I worked as a news journalist for many years, first as a reporter in the provinces, and then a sub-editor for some of the UK’s leading newspapers. I developed a skill in communicating with the reader in plain English.

My major interest since childhood has been astronomy and space. I have spent much of my life helping to promote these fascinating subjects by working with the UK’s leading organisation for beginners to stargazing, the Society for Popular Astronomy. This included stints editing the society’s publications and its website.

In the new Millennium, I decided to combine my skills and interests to focus on writing about astronomy and space for a wider audience. The result has been work on a number of books, regular features for leading astronomy magazines, plus reporting of space news both online and in print.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and a member of the Association of British Science Writers.

I am not a professional scientist. However, my philosophy has always been that if I write something and I can understand it, then the reader has half a chance. Please contact me if my skills and experience can be of assistance to your publication or organisation.